The Project42 Labs Story

Our maiden year has provided us with the opportunity to work with some of the best minds in the industry, understand their business problems in detail, provide an in-depth analysis of the issues, and design appropriate solutions. Our team has grown into a set of diverse individuals who strive to deliver quality and efficiency to every client. We have helped multiple business owners harness the power of data and technology by implementing AI-based solutions customized for their business potential.

Headquartered in Noida, India, we at Project42 Labs have successfully served more than 15 brands, legacy & startups both, within a year of our inception. We don’t believe in working as an outside consultant, but instead, work with them as a team. This quality has helped us generate a major percentage of our client base coming back to us as repeat customers. In the coming years, we envision ourselves to become the ‘Next-Gen Hub for Artificial Intelligence’, catering to a diverse set of industries and delivering simple technology that creates a significant impact.

Leadership Team

Surya Narayan Dev

Founder and CTO

Surya Narayan Dev realised early in life that his mission is to make technology more intuitive, accessible, and customized for different verticals of any business or industry. Having completed his bachelors in technology from SRM University and his masters in Bioinformatics from King’s College, London, Dev has more than 8 years of extensive hands-on experience in the field of big data, machine learning, and AI-based technology. He has had the opportunity to work with both upcoming start-ups and established brands. Some of the brands he has worked with include Sattva group, IIT Delhi and a National political party.

The contribution of Dev to the journey of Project42 Labs has been significant as a founder and CTO. As a leader, he has been passionate about creating synergy between technology and business management and envisions creating big data platforms and machine learning algorithms applicable to businesses of any size and scale. To create easy yet powerful solutions with the most modern and complex technology is the kind of value system that he has imbibed in the organization.

Adity Bangia

Co-founder and CEO

A sales and marketing professional, Adity has worked for corporates as well as an independent consultant for over a period of 8 years. She has also worked with Fortis Healthcare for a period of three years, during which she gained perspective on how every communication piece should be aligned with the long-term and short-term end goals of a business. Through her experience as a business development manager in a PR agency, she gained the complete knowledge of the end-to-end sales funnel of an organization.

The emphasis of Adity here at Project42 Labs is to work on the strategic side of business development and align it directly with the 360-degree communication funnel of the organization. As a post-graduate in public relations, she brings extensive and credible development in the field along with brand equity and the knowledge of business development to the organization. In her role as the CEO and co-founder of Project 42 Labs, she is currently leading the business development and marketing efforts of the organization.