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Data analytics- Innovative edge for your business


Data is everywhere. Every brand generates a lot of data (every consumer interaction, every lead generated, etc). Due to its ubiquitous factor of production, data creates values in multiple ways and is poised to become the fundamental parameter of any business led decision. Data, undeniably generates significant financial value across sectors.

We deliver cumulative benefits of your data and our domain experience to: Data-Driven Decision Making, Achieve sustainable competitive-edge, Efficiency and cost optimization, Research & Create New Revenue Streams & Drive Growth and Metamorphosize data into insights and insights into quantitative & qualitative actions. Our cloud-first DSaaS enables you to scale your analytics capabilities without deploying new resources, software or other overheads at your organization. We build data models to fit your exact business requirements, deploy them quickly.

What can we do ?

Texting Mine
Bespoke Data Mining, NLP, Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL) services to fit your business requirement. All services & models are scalable as per your growing requirements.
Data Lake
Empower your Executives & Managers to make the most informed decision with our bespoke & curated DIDM Service. Our models grow with as per your business requirement.
Physical Document Digitization
Go beyond your brand and establish comprehensive competitor’s market position. We enable you to analyse entire landscape while keeping a tab on the beat of market scenario.
Customer & Social Media Data Analysis
Consultation services to optimise sales & revenue using your data.
Market Research
Integrate variable data streams into a cohesive data schema. We provide services like Materialization, Data Virtualization, etc saving you precious time & resources.
Data Warehouse Analytics
Reporting, Analytical Processing, Data Mining, Complex Event Processing, Business Performance Management, Benchmarking, Text Mining, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics to meet your Enterprise require
Data Visualisation & BI Reporting
Tell stories effectively with your data. We create beautifully detailed & interactive visualisations. We also work with media-houses to create data stories.


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Relevant Case Studies

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Sentiment Analysis for a Political Think Tank

By : Enterprise
May 29 2020
This time, we were approached by an autonomous political think tank of the country to create models for sentiment analysis.
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Data collection & cleaning

By : Data Sciences
Friday, Dec 11, 2020
The aim behind this project was to gather thousands of data, clean and present in an actionable format to a young startup.
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Simplifying order management systems

By : Enterprise
Thursday, July 16, 2020
Centralizing the order management system of a legacy company by consolidating pan India orders from chain of multiple vendors

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