Backend Web Development

Rock-solid, reliable backend development ensures your business logic works as it should.


Project42 Lab's proficiency in the backend programming language, framework utilization and database management along with our organisational skills has powered many high performing websites currently on the web.

Either it be data collected from the user or retrieved by the user from the database, we understand the importance of backend development in the smooth exchange of information. So we provide complex yet high-quality backend codes to support the process.

Backend development technologies

Faultless web applications

At Project42 Lab, we pay special attention in picking the right programming language and web development framework that meets all needs of our client's project.

Our refined web development tools enable us to build fast-loading and scalable web and mobile applications. Our team of expert developers have crafted some of the best websites with the best user experience, for our clients.

Dominating all platforms

We build and customize the backend of websites to facilitate it to run in varying hosting environments. By focusing on the seamless transition of backend from one frontend to another, we make the website ideal for multiple user interfaces. The quality and structure of the backend code we deliver, foster our clients to provide the best user experience for their customers.

Upgrading the backend code

We assist our clients to modify their prevailing backend systems and technical architecture. We give utmost care in refracting and rewriting the backend code without interrupting the front end components.

We rewrite the code to enhance the scalability, improve the performance and fix previous issues of the website and customize it according to the demands of our clients.

Boosting the project with API

We follow API-driven development for better accessibility and connecting different applications. This also leads to cloud-friendly applications that can easily integrate with other applications and resources in the cloud.

Technology Stack for Backend





DevOps with CI/CD Pipelines

Each software development activity goes through a release pipeline

Automating building, testing, and deploying code at every small iteration, with minimal or no human intervention are parts of Continuous Methodologies. Continuous Integrations, Continuous Deployment & Continuous Delivery pipelines empower our developers to identify bugs and errors at an early stage in the development cycle.

This allows us to control and balance:

  1. Velocity: develop & deploy products or code quickly
  2. Quality: deploy production level code up to the highest standards.