Machine learning as a service

Machine Learning as a Service

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Machine Learning techniques are a set of algorithms that automatically learn and extract features and knowledge from your data in order to make predictions, solve a particular set of problems or generate insights. Some familiar use-cases of Machine Learning are implementation of algorithms for Text classification, gestures, object detection, image recognition, behavior prediction, sentiment analysis, and time-series analysis.

At P42L, we utilise your historical data to make predictions about the future.

P42L MLaaS is a fast-track approach to introduce Machine Learning into your business. Our built-to-scale models are developed by domain experts who understand your organizational use-case and build solutions that fit your business’s need of the hour.

How WE Enable YOU!


Feed Personalization

Cart Completion

Item Search

Text Analysis

Document Tagging

Sentiment Analysis

Text Summarization


Click-through Prediction

Cross-device Identification

Audience Ranking

Image Analysis

Image Tagging

Image Search

Deep Features

Anomaly Detection

Fraud Detection

Intrusion Detection

Graph Methods

Customer Analytics

Churn Prediction

Lead Scoring


How We Do It!

Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Data Mining
  • Supervised/ Unsupervised Learning

Natural Language Understanding

  • Chatbots
  • Speech/ Voice Recognition
  • Text Mining
  • Information Extraction
  • Question/ Answering
  • Search & Retrieval

Augmented & Virtual Reality

  • VR Data Visualization
  • Augmented Maps
  • Home Improvement
  • Oculus Rift/ HTC Vive

Image Processing & Video Analytics

  • Face Detection
  • Person Tracking
  • OCR
  • Scene Understanding
  • Object Identification
  • Image Tagging

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Consider Outsourcing...

Challenges of in-house Machine Learning Team
  • Skill intensive field and requires knowledge to assemble, operate & grow a team
  • Short Supply of skilled ML Engineers
  • High attrition rate of skilled ML Engineers
  • Dedicated team of Machine Learning Experts is resource (both computational & financial) intensive & can put undue pressure on organizations
Advantages of P42L Outsourcing
  • Get access to the right infrastructure, professionals & time-bound delivery of results
  • Offers flexibility of operations & resources
  • Free yourself from routine & unplanned stressors. Your outsourcing partner does that for you
  • Get access to domain experts, latest analytical tools, computational resources to meets global standards
  • Get third-party validation & fresh perspective on your data
  • Expose yourself to expertly managed wide-array of services like data management, modelling, reporting, insights, dashboard design, tool design and implementation & development of business rules to handle large, complex data-sets & projects as per your business requirement

The P42L Advantage

  • Availability of passionate & experienced ML & Deep Learning Experts, NLP Programmers and Algorithm Nerds
  • Flexible & scalable engagement models to fit your business requirements
  • We use open-source technologies, thus saving you licence costs in product development
  • Our lean teams sprint through your tasks
  • We foster productive & long lasting relationships
  • We prioritize security & protection of your data

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