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We believe that in the dynamic landscape of the digital space, it’s never too late to transit to newer technologies to keep your business ahead. Today, the mere survival of legacy businesses depends on their ability to go digital and streamline their operations.

What is Digital Transformation all about?

In simplest terms, business moving from de-centralized model to a centralized operational model is digital transformation. The advantages of a making such a shift are numerous and range from ease of operations and flexibility to better turnaround times in terms of decision making.

From a broader perspective, Digital Transformation Methodlogy is a seamless marriage of digital technologies to all parts of your business, be it finance, operations, vendor management or customer behavior.

Digital Transformation disruption, not just makes your enterprise more profitable, agile and future-proof but also helps in driving customer centricity.

The Project42 Labs Experience

We are a Digital Transformation Company, having worked across industries in various legacy enterprises to provide end-to-end digital transformation services starting with initial set up of websites and mobile apps to a detailed technology roadmap focusing primarily on: Inventory Management, MIS and reporting, Feedback management, Information Integration, Applying Machine Learning (ML) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques for improved forecasting at supply and demand level.

We invite you to share your vision with us, because before anything else we prioritize on nurturing relationships and doing our very best to provide a digital transformation that your business deserves.


To decide if you need modify or retire each workload.


Requirement Assessment

To decide if you need modify or retire each workload

Our Digital Transformation Process

What we can do for you


Reporting, Analytical Processing, Data Mining, Business Performance, Reporting, Prescriptive & Predictive Analysis, Forecasting all done to meet your Enterprise requirements.

Big Data

We build deep data lakes by digitising archieve records, augmenting it with layers of web scrapped and public data to build you a rich data set to build informative BI products for your business.

Cloud Migration

Maintaining on-premise servers is always expensive. Let our experts handle cloud migration and seamless integration of your data with your technology stack. A service to secure and make your data work for you.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Data from smart devices, including website-tracking info, application logs, sensor data, etc. We incorporate IoT based services and products in your existing line of offerings or simply use it's power to optimise sales, movement etc for your business.

Mobile App Development

Build a user-focussed, intuitive, targeted mobile app to reach the next billion users for your business.

The P42L Advantage

  • We invest time & resources to understand your nature of business.
  • We thus understand what's unique to your business.
  • We build a strategy to develop, test and replace existing infrastructure with your new software stack with minimally disruptive methodologies.
  • We prioritize security & protection of your data
  • Flexible & scalable engagement models to fit your business requirements
  • We use open-source technologies, thus saving you licence costs in product development
  • Our lean teams sprint through your tasks
  • We foster productive & long lasting relationships
  • Leverage our strong network of affiliate service providers

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In the dynamic landscape of the digital space, it’s never too late to transit to...

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