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Today data is an asset and the most credible source for smart decisions. Every data backed decision is an informed step taken in the right direction for any business.

At Project42 Labs, we are capable of scraping websites in the most comprehensive manner. Our automation and machine learning powered processes take out the possibility of manual errors, brings out high level of efficiency and is presented to you in a neat concise manner in a format of your choice.

From screening volumes and volumes of data and millions of websites, our crawlers work relentlessly to give you the best insights without being hindered by structural changes of targeted sites.

Key Offerings

What we can do for you

Data Scrapping

Tell us the data that you want. Our scrape tools are capable of extracting data from any website - pagination, infinite scrolls, list-details click through or behind login pages. Our web scrapping tool with Robot Process Automation Tools is capable of: Public websites scraping, Password-protected websites scraping, XML sitemaps scraping, JSON APIs scraping, RSS Feeds scraping

Data Wrangling

So you have the data. How do you use it?
Let us do the data preparation for you. We clean it, transform it and provide it to you in the format most suited as per your requirement be it nested JSON, relational data structures, parent/child tables, SQL dumps. Get the crawled data in any format - JSON, CSV, Excel, XML, Custom API for real-time Data and more.
Make your data work for you!

Use Cases

Kinds of Data We Can Get For You

eCommerce Data Scraping

Scrape product prices, availability, reviews, inventory, prominence, reputation from eCommerce websites. Monitor your distribution chain, analyze customer reviews and improve your products and profits with this data

Social Media Data

Gather data from social media - Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn & YouTube. Empower yourself to monitor your reach and measure campaign effectiveness.

Jobs & Human Capital Data

Aggregate jobs from job boards or company websites. Identify and track candidates for your company or keep tabs on your competition's hiring patterns.

Travel, Hotels & Airline Data

Travel websites are rich in information. Our web scraping services enable you to get hotel reviews, pricing, room availability and airline ticket prices accurately. Let your data help you build that competitive edge and stay ahead.

Lead Generation

Use our targeted scraping service to get fresh sales leads and/ or build a client persona. Supercharge your sales or marketing campaigns with enrich the data with emails, phone numbers and social media profiles.

Want Data as a Service?

Let our experts help you with your data needs?

Scalable Enterprise-Grade Scraping Solutions

Fully customized web scraping solution to gather data from thousands of websites anonymously

Fully Managed

Our experts write custom scripts, execute and manage web crawlers and scrapers to convert websites into actionable data. The scripts are designed to deliver the data that you want, in the formats that you require and is scheduled to collect data at the frequency you desire.

Priority Execution

We do not queue your web scraping job. Your web scraping is done swiftly and discretely to ensure prioritized delivery of data to you.



Our web scraping tools are optimised for performance and error-free data collection. We use sophisticated tools whilst scripting to ensure a hiccup free data collection and delivery process.


Internet is dynamic! We monitor and proactively update our web scraping agents to ensure seamless data collection and delivery process.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is all about automating the daily tasks performed by humans in any business. We use browser automation to enable data collection from websites that involve pagination, infinite scrolls, list-details click through or behind login pages

Secrecy & Confidence: NDA & SLA

We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to keep our engagement confidential. We will also sign a Service-Level Agreement (SLA) to guarantee linearity of service.


Custom Delivery

We integrate with your existing softwares. Popular integrations include SFTP, Amazon S3, Dropbox, MongoDb, Google Sheets, etc. We can also deliver your date in: nested JSON, relational data structures, parent/child tables, SQL dumps. Get the crawled data in any format - JSON, CSV, Excel, XML, Custom API for real-time Data and more

General FAQs?

Anything to drive your business intelligence - from sources that have website and even from the ones that don’t
Data will be delivered to you in the format of your choice and as per your requirement. It could be Microsoft Excel (CSV), TXT, HTML, XML, SQL, or MySQL script and to almost any ODBC data source.
From helping you with 4Ps, namely Product, Price, Promotion and Place of brand promotion it can be magic ingredients of your investment and hiring decisions. Data is a mine that harnesses a smarter organization at multiple business functions.

The P42L Advantage

  • Exceptional Customer Experience
  • Unmatched Data Quality
  • Flexible & scalable architecture to fit your business requirements
  • Linearity in data delivery
  • Quick turn-around time
  • We use open-source technologies, thus saving you licence costs in product development
  • We foster productive & long lasting relationships
  • We prioritize security & protection of your data
  • Leverage our strong network of affiliate service providers

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