AI across Industries

By : Surya Narayan Dev
Wednesday, Mar 04, 2020

In the present decade, AI is changing our lives at a very fast rate. You agree with it or not, every day each one of us is using applications of AI in one way or another. Along with making day-to-day life easier, AI is also redeeming several productive hours and saving millions with it. 

The extent of AI across industries is mind-blowing. Today, every industry exploits this technology, which was impossible for most of the supercomputers a while ago. Just like us, you too will be amazed at the vast expanse of AI technology, which is going to build the future.

AI in Communication

Social media apps use AI-powered facial recognition to identify people in photos posted on the platforms. The technology also provides personalized news feed according to the user’s interests and preferences. Automated audio to text transcription has also improved over time.

Email spam filters are a perfect example of AI application. They work by interpreting words in the message and message metadata and also categorize emails into primary, social and promotion inboxes.

Plagiarism checkers used for writings, work with the help of ML, by referring to a data source. It can also identify the original source of the plagiarized content.

AI in Healthcare

Nowadays, several hospitals use AI for accurate diagnosis of eye and heart diseases. It predicts a patient’s risk of having a stroke by analyzing previous data. Going through health records using ML, helps professionals by creating insights to make better clinical decisions.

Wearable healthcare technology has helped people in evaluating their own health and taking measures to improve it. 

AI in Entertainment & Lifestyle

Shortly, smart personal assistants like Siri, Alexa and Echo are going to rule our homes. They have improved people’s productivity to a great extent by integrating tasks digitally. 

AI is utilized by streaming services like Netflix, to provide highly accurate and personal recommendations based on customer's reactions to movies.

One of the biggest leaps of AI can be seen in the gaming industry. It helps in predicting actions taken by the opponent and learns throughout the game, thus never repeating the same mistakes. This makes the game even more challenging.

AI in Business

AI enables the automation of routine tasks and can save valuable labor-hours wasted on mundane tasks. AI techniques can boost customer support through chatbots and real-time assistance. It also helps in providing an enhanced online shopping experience by recommending relevant products and personalized search results.

In the long run, AI will aid in studying market trends, anticipating future sales, and running operations efficiently.

AI in Transportation 

The first thing which comes to every mind while hearing AI in transportation is “self-driving” cars. Giant companies are competing to get ahead in self-driving technology. It is certain that self-driving cars will conquer the roads of the future. 

Currently, ride-sharing apps like Uber, use Machine Learning powered systems to determine the price of the ride, reduce waiting time for the customer etc. AI also helps in suggesting faster routes to destinations, by assessing hindrances in the way like heavy traffic, construction works etc.

In airports, AI aid air traffic management during low-visibility conditions in the runway, hence eliminating the delay of flights during poor weather.

Introducing AI into your Business

All the applications of AI that we’ve discussed so far have strong use-cases in business. At Project42 Labs, we’ll help you to find where AI fits in your business and provide customized AI solutions. Our team of passionate professionals will expose your business operations to advanced technology, develop tailored remedies and ensure time-bound delivery of results. 

About the Author
Surya is the Founder & CTO of Project42 Labs. A King’s College London alumnus, he has over 9 years of experience in Data Science & Machine Learning and building end-to-end solutions to meet business goals. He’s usually found playing sports, reading and listening to music when not working.